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Rubber Tree Dark Burgundy


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The Rubber Tree, specifically known as Ficus Elastica, is a majestic plant that has captivated plant enthusiasts and homeowners alike. With its glossy, broad leaves and towering presence, it's a plant...

Size: 4 feet Multibranch

  • 4 feet Multibranch
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The Rubber Tree, specifically known as Ficus Elastica, is a majestic plant that has captivated plant enthusiasts and homeowners alike. With its glossy, broad leaves and towering presence, it's a plant that demands attention. Drawing from top articles and popular YouTube videos, here's an in-depth look at the Rubber Tree Ficus Elastica.

1. Historical and Cultural Significance Originating from Southeast Asia, the Rubber Tree has been cultivated for its latex for centuries. However, in modern times, its ornamental value has overshadowed its industrial use, making it a favorite houseplant worldwide.

2. Physical Appearance The Ficus Elastica is known for its glossy oval-shaped leaves that can grow quite large in the right conditions. Its dark green or burgundy leaves make it a striking addition to any indoor space.

3. Air-Purifying Qualities The Rubber Tree is an excellent air purifier. Its broad leaves absorb pollutants and chemicals, turning them into harmless compounds. Additionally, the plant is believed to reduce carbon dioxide levels, enhancing indoor air quality.

4. Easy Maintenance One of the Rubber Tree's most appealing features is its low maintenance requirements. It can adapt to various light conditions and doesn't require frequent watering. This adaptability makes it a perfect choice for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.

5. Healing Properties Beyond its aesthetic and environmental benefits, the Rubber Tree is believed to possess healing properties. Its leaves have natural anti-inflammatory qualities, which can help alleviate skin rashes. However, it's essential to note that the plant's sap can cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

6. Propagation Techniques The Rubber Tree is relatively easy to propagate. As explained in a video by onlyplants, you can propagate the plant in both water and soil. This ability to multiply ensures that you can have multiple Rubber Trees from a single parent plant.

7. Tips for a Lush Appearance For those looking to maintain a bushy Rubber Tree, Sheffield Made Plants offers seven simple tips. These guidelines can help prevent leaf drop and ensure that your plant remains vibrant and full.

8. Environmental Impact Beyond its ornamental value, the Rubber Tree plays a role in environmental conservation. Its ability to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen makes it a valuable asset in the fight against climate change.

9. Varieties and Choices The Rubber Tree comes in various varieties, each with its unique appearance. Some popular choices include the Ficus elastica Belize and the Ficus elastica Tineke. Depending on your aesthetic preferences, you can choose a variety that best suits your home decor.

Comprehensive Care Guide

🌞 These plants love a lot of bright, indirect light. Leaving them under direct sunlight can scorch their leaves.

 💦 This plant needs the right balance of water. A good rule of thumb is to keep them moist but never wet. You'll also need to wipe the leave with a damp cloth, you can also spritz it with a little bit of water.

🌱 In the wild, these trees can grow up to 30 feet tall. Although as a houseplant, it's can grow much smaller. It's best to start with a younger rubber tree as it will adapt indoors better than a mature plant.   

⚠️ Its sap can cause skin irritation for some people. Make sure to wear gloves and wash your hands thoroughly after handling the plant. Keep this plant away from pets and children as it can cause mild to severe symptoms if they consume any parts of the plant.  

In conclusion, the Rubber Tree Ficus Elastica is more than just an ornamental plant. Its air-purifying qualities, low maintenance requirements, and potential healing properties make it a must-have for plant lovers. Whether you're looking to enhance your indoor space's aesthetics or improve its air quality, the Rubber Tree is an excellent choice. With proper care and attention, this plant can thrive and become a centerpiece in your home for years to come.

🏺 Large versions of the plant are best potted in Marbled Matte Cylinder Floor Ceramic Pots. The smaller variation goes well with Matte Finish Porcelain Ceramic Pots.


4 feet Multibranch

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Rubber Tree Dark Burgundy