It's no secret that the last couple of weeks have been tough for most of us. We've been dealing with misinformation from all sides, not to mention a seemingly-unending tidal wave of black propaganda from trolls.

Despite all of that, however, there's one thing that has kept going: hope. Specifically, hope for a kulay rosas na bukas. And it's all up to us to keep that hope going and growing.

In line with this, we at Pots For Plants have come up with our "Kasama Mong Tumindig" plant sets, which you can give to the most solid Kakampinks in your life to give them a much-needed break during these trying times. Not only that but a portion of the proceeds will also be used to print more tarps and collaterals for the H2H campaign.

The sets, which include our pink-colored, Nordic-style geo concrete planters and hardy plants, are symbolic of our collective experience all throughout the campaign: always growing, never stopping. A pink wave of hope for a bright future bravely standing up against the darkness of the present.

Our "Kasama Mong Tumindig" plant sets will be available for purchase at our shop starting tomorrow. Not from the Metro? We can also handle deliveries via Lalamove.