If there’s one truth most of us Plantitos and Plantitas gloss over, it’s that getting into the succulent gardening hobby may seem daunting for other people. And really, who can blame them? After all, taking care of plants does involve putting in a bit of work if one were to keep his or her little green babies happy and thriving.

So, what’s a budding succulent collector to do?

Why, choose easy to care for plants, of course!

Here, a selection of common and undemanding little plants you can start your collection with:


1) Echeverias

A family of evergreens, these small plants, characterized by their beautiful fleshy and oftentimes colorful rosettes,  are native to the semi-deserts of the Americas, and as such, are hardy specimens perfect for the amateur horticulturist.

Among the cultivars and varieties most recommended for beginners are the following:

  • Black Prince
  • Ghost
  • Elegans 

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2) Aloes

Plants in the aloe family make really good additions to spaces. Not only do they possess beautiful, long, sword-like leaves complete with distinctive variegations and textures, they’re also hardy and relatively easy to care for.



3) Crassula / Jade Plants

Hardy and vibrant, Jade Plants come in various shapes and colors, with some even resembling fingers and ears! These plants thrive on neglect - a huge bonus for beginners.


4) Kalanchoes

With unexpected colors and unique textures as their strongest selling points, kalanchoes are perfect for even the most inexperienced gardener as they require little maintenance, provided they get established in stable, ideal conditions. 


5) Haworthias

These beautiful plants are best described as permanent teenagers: aside from giving them occasional water, they thrive when they're left alone, making them perfect for even the most notorious of (unintentional) plant killers.

An added bonus: they come in wildly varying shapes, colors, and sizes!


6) Pothos

Though technically not a succulent in the strictest sense of the word, pothos or Devil’s Ivy plants are quite popular houseplants for beginners, as they are beautiful creepers which require relatively low-maintenance.

Bonus: You can grow these without soil, in water containers!