10 Best Gifts to Give to Your Favorite Plantitos and Plantitas this Christmas

Just a few more weeks until Christmas comes around. During this year, a lot of people have started picking up horticulture as a hobby. If you’re looking for some last-minute gift ideas for your plantita friends and family, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Here’s a list of gift ideas for your favorite plantitos and plantitas in the world:

For Your Dentist or Dentist-to-Be: Hardy Plants in Molar Ceramic Pots

Long Root Pre-molar Shaped Ceramic Pot

Going to the dentist can be nerve-wracking. Having a plant around might be able to calm some nerves before going through a procedure. Get your dentist friend some plants in cute Molar Ceramic Pots. It will make a nice addition to their office and it’ll help their patients feel a little less jumpy. 

If you have an upcoming dentist in your family. Show them your support for their dream and give them a beautiful plant! If studying dentistry is giving them a hard time, having a plant around can help reduce stress and boost productivity. These pots are hardier than clay, it will take a massive amount of force to break them. 

For the Night Owl: Set-Of Three Owl Textured White Porcelain Pot with Bamboo

Owl Ceramic Pot

Night owls are the type of people more active during the night than the day. They’re known to be intelligent and creative, attuned with their emotions. Give them some love and quality sleep with a set-of-three owl textured white porcelain pot

They’re a cute addition to any room and may even inspire the night owl to be more productive. Plus, having a plant around could greatly improve their quality of sleep. 


For the Plant-Obsessed Plantito: Bamboo Plant Shelves

White Bamboo Plant Shelve

When you’re a plantito and plantita stuck in quarantine with little to nothing to do, you can’t help but turn to your plants. When you see a pretty or cool looking plant, you can’t help but bring it home. As a result, you’ve accumulated so many plants that you hardly have any space for your home. 

If this is a dilemma that your friend or loved one is going through right now, it’s time to get them a bamboo plant shelf for Christmas. We have this item available in 3 to 4 tiers. It’s perfect for saving a lot of space and making room for more plants. Your plant-obsessed plantita friend or loved one will love you for it!

For the Starry-Eyed Beginner: Long Spout Watering Can

Long Spout Watering Can

Starting a new hobby can be nerve-wracking sometimes that we tend to panic and get easily discouraged. If you have a friend or a loved one who’s starting their life as a plantita or plantito, show them some support this year and give them a long snout watering can. 

Since they’re new to the hobby, chances are that they probably don’t have the arsenal they need for plant care. A long spout watering can is a great way to water your plants with precisions. 

For the Aesthetic Plantita: Porcelain Pot with Bamboo Saucer, In Octagon Iron Frame

Octagon Frame

Have a friend who has an eye for all things aesthetically pleasing and a knack for styling? You might want to get them something sleek, chic, and unique. We’d like to suggest to you our porcelain pot with a bamboo saucer in an octagon Iron Frame

This pot is very versatile. While its frame gives a beautiful, modern, minimalistic look, it can’t also be used as a wall-mounted pot. This pot was made for the ultimate gramworthy shots!

For the Crafty Plantita: Mini Garden Kit

Mini Shovel Set

Do you have someone who’s a green thumb blessed with crafty hands? Give them the best of both worlds with a mini shovel set! It’s a fun way to integrate both of their love for crafting and taking care of different plants. 

You can make a kit for them with a round bonsai dish, a set of mini shovels, some soil, and decorative pebbles. You can even give them a few propagated plants cuttings  


For the Succulent Addict: Succulent Arrangement

Succulent Arrangment

Know someone who loves their succulents a little too much? One of the best gifts that you can give is a succulent arrangement made from the heart. Succulents come in different shapes, colors, and forms, let your imagination go wild.

You can make these beautiful succulent arrangements easily with a round porcelain dish. They add a lot of color and texture to the home. 


For the Sophisticate and Classy Plantita: Rustic Marble Finish Ceramic Table Pot with Saucer (Set of Three)

Rustic Marble Finish

We all have that friend who has an air of sophistication and taste for the finer things in life. They deserve a gift that’s simple yet classy and maybe add a tiny bit of gold. 

This set-of-three Marbled Finish Ceramic Pot is a gorgeous addition to any home. Pair it up with beautiful monstera plants or rubber tree plants to elevate any area of your home. This is the perfect gift for the glamorous plantita. 

For the Work-A-Holic Plantita: Desk Plants

Desk Plants

As we all know, plants can improve mental health. Stress is a silent killer that runs rampant especially at work. One way to help you boost your productivity and reduce your stress is by introducing a plant into your work environment. 

Know someone who’s a workaholic in your life? Give them a plant in a small, stylish pot for their workplace. Since work can be demanding sometimes, pick up some low-maintenance plants that would fit perfectly on their desk. 


For the Cutipie Plantita: Token Succulents in Pentagon Mouth Porcelain Succulent Pot in Pastel Colors

Pastel Colored Pentagon Ceramic Pots

Everybody loves cute things. There’s a subculture in Japan that embraces “cuteness” and it’s often known by the term Kawaii. Who can blame them? Everything synonymous with lovable, charming, and innocent is something that people love. 

If you know someone who was a sweet tooth for all things cute, the best gift to give them is something small, adorable, and painted in pastel colors. Give them a set of token succulents in small, pastel-colored desk pots. It’s sure to add a touch of kawaii to their room or workspace.