If the mother is the sun, then fathers are the soil. They keep us grounded and give us the nutrients we need to survive. Sometimes, they are our support, keeping use steady until we learn to stand on our own. Other times, he’s the pruner, cutting off the toxicity and keeping us in shape. They are one of the most important people in our lives that are easy to overlook.  Let’s show our favorite plantito just how much we love him.

If you’re having troubles with looking for the perfect gift, we got you covered! Here are our top 10 gifts to give to your beloved Father Foliage.

Gardening Kits and Essentials

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The Mini Zen Garden

It’s not easy being the man of the house. As the breadwinner of the household, things can get pretty hectic that it’s hard to find that moment of clarity. Having a miniature Zen garden around may be able to help your father to search for that inner peace from within. It’s a relaxing activity that he can do after a long day from work.

You can build this kit by getting a bonsai dish, some succulents, their soil, some sand and a mini shovel set. May this help you father release some of that stress away.


Tall Venetian Fiberglass Planters

 This goes out to the boss dad with a finer taste in life. It also goes to the dad who are proud owners of large statement plants that makes a strong impression. A tall venetian planter can make any tree or plant look taller, making it the perfect planter to showcase your father’s own pride and joy.

Luckily, we have a few on hand, looking for a lovely office space to call it its home. You can get them through here!

Bamboo Plant Rack  

We love a plantito with a healthy obsession with indoor plants, however, these guys really do take a lot of space. If you’re dad is determined to collect all of the plants in his wish list, he’s going to need something to free up some floor space. At moments like these, getting a plant rack can be pretty handy! It’s the perfect fit for dads who likes to keep his plants organized and his floors clutter-free.

We have one in-stock at our store! It’s one of the bestselling items due to its stylish color and sturdy material.

Adjustable Bamboo Plant Stand

When a dad is proud of his work, he’ll show it to the world and make sure that everyone sees it. When it comes to that, a plant stand is all you need to make them stand out. Not only will it make the plant look bigger, it also leaves the floorspace clutter-free!

And not just any plant stand will do. This adjustable bamboo plant stand is practical, especially when your father’s plants are continuously growing. This guy can adjust to a circumference of 8-12 inches

Foliage Plants

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Philodendron Peru

This Philodendron variety is a unique one and being able to raise it to maturity is something that any father plantito would be proud of. These guys are most distinguished by their lined, heart-shaped leaves. With proper care and maintenance, their foliage undergoes an impressive transformation that will leave you in awe. From a small, heart-shaped leaves, it becomes three-lobed leaf with gorgeous line indents. It’s really just a plant that you can’t resist!

Photo via Any Olarte Castanaga

Anthurium Renaissance Black

What’s not to like about this gorgeous Anthurium? If you need a plant that means business, this is one that your father may enjoy having around. Its got that mysterious and dark flair that would look absolutely stunning on your dad’s desk. It’s definitely a rare beauty that you just won’t see anywhere. When given the proper care and maintenance, this plant will flower and reward you with seed that you can use to grow more.

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Philodendron 69686

This is one of the most unique plants that ever belonged to the Philodendron genus. It feature a set of three-lobed leaves that you could compare to a spaceship. If your dad is an avid fan of sci-fi movies with a mild to complete interest in plants, the Philodendron 69686 might actually make their day. They’re pretty easy to care for and they’re cool to have around.

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Sansevieria Black Dragon

This sansevieria variety is an absolute beast with its dark and deep green leaves. This plant goes in a long list of work plants that you definitely need to have in your home. It features a rosette formation of pointed, black-green, sword-shaped leaves. This is one of those plants that any plantito would like to have on its desk. It’s green and it means business. The best part? This is one of the plants that are hard to kill. Not sold? Check others in our SANSEVIERIA COLLECTION

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Philodendron Golden Dragon

You father will feel like he hit gold with this one. You’ll never find something as beautiful and majestic as the Philodendron Golden Dragon. This lovely statement plant features gold mottled, deep green leaves. The shape and size of it is one-heck-of a beast. It’s almost near similar to a dragon’s head. It’s large and breath-taking, a definite must-have for any dad!