Photo by Joanna Wishard

It’s no surprise that the indoor plant trend has taken the world by storm throughout the past decade. It skyrocketed most especially during this year 2020. I’m sure that a lot of us are all still building our ever-growing houseplant collection. So you might want to know which we can expect to be "in" for next year.

The people from Flower Card touched upon this subject and created two lists that touch on which plants we loved the most in 2020 and which ones we might expect to find in homes. The information we are about to share with you came from 10 years of Google search data.

You may find a few plants that you don’t see often on social media. Though these plants may not be the most popular now, the increasing interest in them may put them in the spotlight by next year.

With all that said, if you’re looking for more plants to add to your collection, here are a few that many people are finding a great interest in:


Photo by Lee McIntosh from Pinterest

Fish Bone Cactus

With a 2,280 percent increase in interest, this plant can make an adorable addition to your collection. Its waxy, zigzag leaves are almost similar to a Boston Fern, a usual favorite in malls, parks, and offices.

Being a cactus, it’s very low maintenance, only needing water when the soil is completely dry. It thrives best under indirect light though it can tolerate full sun. it’s no wonder why this houseplant is getting increasingly popular. They’re perfect for when you want a Boston Fern but can't find the time to give such a plant the care it needs.

Photo by Stefan Kunze

Bunny Ear Cactus

With a cute name like the Bunny Ear Cactus, it’s only a matter of time when this adorable plant steals the spotlight. Coming at a 1,985 percent increase of interest, this adorable cactus is taking the world by storm with its charming appearance.

Being one of the best plants for novice plantitas, they’re really easy to care for. Water them like any regular cactus and keep them under bright direct sun. However, they may need consistent moisture during the growing season. Place them in pastel-colored pots for maximum cuteness!

Photo by Daderot

Blue Star Fern

With its wide, elongated fronds and gorgeous green-blue color, this fern is taking creeping up the ranks and capturing the hearts of many in the 1,795 percent increase of interest. Mysterious and unique, this fern is one of the few plants that can do well in lower light conditions.

To make sure that your blue star fern stays alive and thriving, you’ll want to give it enough indirect light and regular watering. Like all ferns, this indoor plant prefers being in a room with high humidity.  You may want to keep them in a bathroom or place their pot on a tray of damp pebbles.

Rhipsalis Baccifera

Also known as the Mistletoe Cactus, this particular plant is getting a fair amount of attention with a 1,467 percent increase in interest. Everything about this plant is unique and eccentric. It’s the perfect hanging plant for the creative and unconventional plantita.

Unlike most cacti, this plant thrives in the best in the shade to partial shade. On top of this, they also require moisture. You can get this through a humidifier or place their indoor planter on top of a tray filled with rocks and water.

Photo by blumenbiene

Velvet Calathea

With its dark yet vibrant leaves, the velvet calathea is making its way to the people's hearts with a 1,291 percent increase in interest. It’s the ultimate statement plant in any modern, chic home. Make sure to complement their beauty with a beautiful, rustic Vietnamese earthenware planter.

As a variegated Calathea, this plant needs plenty of diffused light. Avoid exposing this plant to direct sunlike as this may cause the leaves to lose their markings. These plants need regular watering, make sure to keep their soil moist but never wet. High humidity is important to its growth so make sure to mist now and then or place the pot on top of a saucer filled with pebbles and water.

Photo by Severin Candrian

String of Hearts

Another plant that’s tugging on our heartstrings is the adorable string of hearts with a 1,057 percent increase in interest. What’s not to love? It’s a succulent with tiny little hearts as foliage. It’s the perfect plant for the plantita with an attraction to all things cutesy.

Much like most succulents, this plant doesn’t need much water. All you need to do is give them a drink after the soil dried out. As for lighting, they thrive best under indirect light. However, they can’t stand direct sunlight so make sure to add a sheer curtain to your windows. Their leaves will grow wider apart and lighter in color if you don’t give them enough light. 

Photo by about-garden from Pinterest

Happy Bean Plant

The happy bean plant has been putting a smile on our faces with its 796 percent increase in interest. From its name to its adorable appearance, this plant is on its way to becoming a houseplant community favorite.

The Peperomia Ferreyrae is a slow-growing semi-succulent that can survive in moderate neglect. It’s the perfect plant for busy-bodied plantitas who can take on a bit of a challenge. It’s a tropical plant that likes keeping its soil moist that can be very sensitive to overwatering. Make sure to keep it in a room with bright, indirect light.

Photo by Anna Łowińska

Chinese Money Plant

What’s not to love with this beautiful plant? This ornamental plant has gorgeous round leaves and is perfect in just about any part of the home. Not to mention that, in Chinese tradition, money plants are known to bring wealth into the home. Its timeless beauty is the reason why this plant will always be a crowd favorite at a 668 percent increase in interest.

To keep your Chinese money plant happy and healthy, make sure to give them enough water, allowing the soil to dry between sessions. Put them somewhere with a lot of bright light. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight, use a sheer curtain over the windows to filter the light. To keep it nicely shaped, try to rotate the plant at least once a week.

Photo by Jake Goossen

Snake Plant

This plant is an absolute crowd favorite for its beautiful, sword-like leaves and low maintenance. It’s the perfect plant for professional settings like the office or reception. The snake plant keeps its reputation as a well-loved houseplant at a 624 percent increase in interest.

This is one of the most versatile plants that you could ever have. They thrive in bright, indirect light but they can tolerate direct sunlight and low-light, shady corners. Water them only when the soil has mostly dried out. Make sure to give them a drink from the bottom of the pot.

Photo by Weeza Pilares from Pinterest

African Milk Tree

Don’t be fooled by its looks. While it makes look like a cactus, it's a succulent plant, a peculiar one at that! It’s a fast and enthusiastic grower, reach up to two feet a year, maturing at the height of eight feet. Their eager growth has charmed people up to 566 percent of interest.

The African milk tree isn’t considered a cactus due to its capability to grow leaves. This plant loves bright indirect sunlight. Being a succulent, this plant doesn’t need much water. Make sure to let the soil dry between watering to avoid root rot.

Photo via Nicolas Solerieu

ZZ Plant

One of the plants that in every plantita’s must-have list is the ZZ plant. This plant is one of the most versatile plants around. They’re perfect in both office and home settings. It is well-loved for its low maintenance and gorgeous appearance. This plant has been and will continue to be a plantita’s staple plant with a 561 percent increase in interest.

This plant has a high tolerance for neglect. It thrives best in bright to moderate indirect light. However, it can do just fine at low levels of light and can live with small amounts of fluorescent light. When it comes to watering, allow the soil to mostly dry out before giving it another drink.

Photo by Severin Candrian

Golden Pothos

This plant is considered an absolute must-have for most, if not all, plantitas! The Golden Pothos has a reputation for being one of the easiest houseplants to take care of. It’s well-loved for its green, heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines that never fails to amaze us up to a 531 percent increase of interest.

The Golden Pothos is a hardy plant, it can tolerate the low levels of indirect light. However, they’re much happier somewhere bright and away from the scorching heat of the sun. Water them about once or twice every week or only when the soil has dried. If it gets too long, give it a trim now and then.