The New Year has come and what better way to celebrate than to buy a new plant? Just as there’s such a thing as flower language, houseplants have their meaning and symbolism behind them. Some are even known to bring luck and fortune into the home. If you have a goal set for the whole year, a plant can serve as a constant reminder for you to keep working on your goal.

Here are 10 plants to help kick off the year 2021: 

1. Calatheas are considered to be a symbol of new beginnings. This is due to the saying, “turning over a new leaf” which the indoor plant does in during the dark hours. This makes them a perfect gift for friends who have started a new life like moving houses or getting a new job. 

The fun thing about these houseplants is that they have gorgeous variegation to choose from, each one gorgeous in their own right. To care for this plant, give them indirect light, sufficient water and keep their soil moist. So when you’re starting another chapter in your life, celebrate its beginning with a beautiful Calathea.

2. Peace Lily For Hope and Healing

The graceful Peace Lily is ever so elegant and delightful to have around the home. Prized for it ability to purify the air, this houseplant makes a perfect addition to your home. With it’s lovely white bract and lush leaves, they’re often associated with purity, prosperity and sympathy. In Feng Shui, these plants known to strike a balance and attract positive energy.

These houseplants are often given as a gift to those who have recently lost a loved one.  Welcome peace and serenity into your home with the lush and vibrant, Peace Lily. Keep this plant away from direct sunlight, water regularly and keep their soil consistently moist but never wet.

3. Chinese Money Plant for New Business Ventures

The Pilea peperomioide is a peculiar plant that baffled the plant lover’s community back in 1946 when a Swedish missionary brought the plant to Europe. During that time, the plant grew in popularity, distributed around Norway. Back then, the plant was known to be endemic in China but now has since then travelled all over the world. 

With its coin-shaped foliage, the plant has garnered its title as the Chinese Money Plant. It is said that putting a coin in its soil can attract wealth. Jumpstart your new business ventures with the Pilea peperomioids. Caring for this plant is easy as it can be quite communicative. If you find it drooping its leaves, it’s an indication that it’s ready for water.

4. Golden Pothos For Reaching New Heights

The golden Pothos has always been one of the most resilient and hardy plants there is. It’s known to survive even the worst conditions. They’re vining plants that continues to climb and persevere no matter where or what the circumstances may be. They’re also known to attract wealth and good fortune. 

Gifting someone a pothos as a hanging plant can symbolize reaching new heights. If you’ve never stopped chasing your dreams or found yourself reaching a new milestone, celebrate by bringing a Pothos to your home. These are hardy plants that can thrive on neglect. Water these plants once the soil is dry.

5. Aloe Vera for Good Health

This succulent is prized for its medicinal uses. The gel that’s stored inside their leaves can heal burns, improve digestive system and may possibly heal acne. For this very reason, giving someone a pot of aloe vera is like wishing them good health. 

Being a type of succulent, this houseplant is easy to take care of. All you need to do is place them in bright, indirect sunlight and water them when the top of the soil is dry.

Photo by Pfly

6. Prayer Plant for The Devoted

When the sun sets, the prayer plants raise its leaves as though they are praying. Just for this, the Prayer Plant can be considered a symbolism for devotion. Some would say that the plant can also be symbol for gratitude as it’s similar to how we reflect and pray before sleep. 

Celebrate newfound devotion for the new year with the prayer plant. May this houseplant also serve as a reminder to not dwell on what we lost last year but to be grateful of what we have gained. To keep them happy, place them in bright, indirect light. They require a high humidity to thrive, make sure to keep their soil moist and use warm water. 

7. Sage for Wisdom

Besides being a delicious addition to our recipes, there’s a lot of symbolism associated to sage. For one, it’s known used in the ritual of smudging. People would burn sage to cleanse the air in the room and ward off unwanted spirits. In Celtic lore, the herb signifies wisdom and immortality. 

Whether is for eating or for ornamental purposes, this plant is easy to grow. All it needs is full sun and a regular watering schedule. Plant them un sandy, well-draining soil.


8. Venus Flytrap for Strength

Being  carnivorous plant, the Venus Flytrap has a lot of bite into it. Due to their aggressive nature and challenging care routine, these plant aren’t for the faint of heart. These very characteristics are what makes these plants a symbol of strength and courage.

Welcome new adventures and challenges with the Venus Flytrap. Caring for them can take some getting used to but it’s all worth it! These plants are sensitive to the minerals and chemicals in their water so using distilled and rainwater is best. Place the plant under indirect sunlight and water them regularly. Soak the soil and allow it to get moderately dry. 

9. Sunflowers for Happiness

There’s not a plant in the world that looks as happy as the sunflower. With its bright petals and large stems, they look as though they’re ready to take on the day. They’re associated with adoration, loyalty and longevity. They’re the perfect gift from bringing joy to one’s home. Not to mention that their seeds are quite delectable when roasted. 

These sunny plants are both heat and drought tolerant, growing best under direct sunlight. Water them regularly and only when the top inch of its soil is dry. Keep its soil moist but never soggy. Invite happiness into the home with beautiful potted sunflowers.

10. Orchids for Love

In many cultures, orchids have different symbolisms and meanings. Most of them can be associated with the theme of love, fertility and elegance. In feng shui, depending on the color and variety, these flowers can attract energies of joy, creativity and passion. 

Invite love into your home by bringing in an orchid. Caring for an orchid depends on its species. It isn’t difficult to take care of orchids so long as you provide them with proper growing conditions.  Most of these plants need moist but well-draining conditions. Let their soil dry out between waterings and provide them with adequate humidity.