Plants are a good way to bring nature into your home. It comes with a lot of benefits which include boosting our mental health and improving the quality of the air we breathe. On top of that, feng shui principals dictate that indoor plants have the capability of transforming and enhancing the energy in our homes. 

Now, before we start bringing in plants in our home, we need to have a little bit of a deep dive into some basic principles of feng shui. There are guidelines that we need to follow to determine which plants are the best in bringing in good energy to our household. 

Feng Shui and Plants: How They Attract Positive Energy to the Home

Plants are living things. They’re always changing and growing, which can inspire people to take reign over their life and set things in motion for their success. Having plants around a tired or weak space can breathe life into the environment.

 If this rings true to you, it’s because plants bring the wood element to space. It’s the element that creates and supports the energy of health, growth, and exploration. Additionally, the greenery brings in mother nature's healing energy that every person might need in their life.


The Bagua Areas and How It Affects Your Quality of Life

The Bagua is a principal tool used in feng shui. It’s an energy map that shows eight life areas around a center (which is the center of your home or building). Thus the name “Bagua.” Which translates to “eight areas.” This tool was made to help you see aspects of your life that are connected to areas of your home.  

There are nine sectors, your home’s center being a part of it, in a map as you can see in this chart below: 

Feng Shui Bagua

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For every area of the Bagua, there has to be a specific element of feng shui for it to thrive. Say, for example, the east part of the home favors the wood element (plants), and the water element (water feature), but it can’t stand too much fire (a stove), or metal (metal drawers). 

Different Plants, Different Effects

Now, as explained earlier, plants represent the wood element. This specific element prospers in the east, northeast, and southern parts of the home or establishment. However, not all plants have the same effect in a certain space.  

A cactus, for example, is not recommended for good feng shui because of the concept called sha qi, also known as sharp energy. This is an attacking energy that often comes from a sharp object. When it’s directed at your body, it can drain you of your personal energy. The best place for this particular plant is the front door or a big window where it can act as a protector. 

In addition to this, dying and neglected plants can bring on draining energy. So when you’re bringing in plants, be sure to check if you have the right environment to grow a plant. If you find any dying portions on your plant, be sure to dispose of it promptly.  

Best Plants for Feng Shui

So what are the best plants to promote good feng shui? Here’s our take on the list: 


Money Tree

This plant is one of the famous plants to be used in feng shui. It’s often used to attract wealth and prosperity. Place this plant in the southwest area of your home for optimal benefits.  

Snake Plants

This plant is one of those kinds filled with “sha qi,” which means that the best place to put this plant in is at the front door or a large window. It’s good in an office or a home office since it brings out a focused energy into a space. 




The Philodendron, known to be one of the easiest plants to care for, has a great deal of relaxing feng shui energy. Place this in the southeast or east areas of the home. 



Rubber Plant

Much like the previous plants, the rubber plant presents calm, relaxing energy. It’s also great for removing indoor toxins and the best place in a dining area around the southeast or east areas of the home. 



The Ficus is a tall plant that can make any small home look and feel more spacious. It’s known for its air-purifying capabilities which makes it a perfect plant to place in the physical health area of the Bagua, which is located in the left or east area of your home.  



This beautiful vining plant is perfect for breathing life in the “dead” areas of your home, like on top of a bookshelf or empty corner. It’s one of the easiest plants to work with as it can be forgiving with its watering schedule.  



The stunning Calathea is an absolute show-stopper. They’re a little more finicky when it comes to some of those in the list but it’s very well worth it. Just for that, this plant is a great asset to the south area of your home as it holds the "fame and reputation" area on the Bagua map.