Last April 18, 2021, Pots for Plants have celebrated its 4th anniversary. During the course of these four years, the company has gone through so much growth thanks to the dedication and passion of one woman. This year, on May 8, 2021, we’ll be having a grand opening of our first physical store.

For today’s blog, we’ll be taking a trip down to memory lane and discover how one’s ambitious dreams can blossom into a thriving venture.

Humble Beginnings


The year is 2017, this is when the urban gardening market was ripe for the taking. Most people who grew plants were mostly familiar with the iconic terracotta pots. There weren’t many online stores that were providing pots of higher-grade ceramics.

With her love for succulents, Kit Laserna-Zara established one of the first urban gardening shops in the Philippines. Pots for Plants started out with a line of ceramic pots that was made specifically for charming succulents. That time, there wasn’t many competitors in the market to benchmark. Pots for Plants® weren’t selling any plants at the time and only had this set of succulent pots.

It wasn’t before long when they started introducing their line of products in pop up stores. The first time they participated in a bazaar was in Spectrum Fair Manila 2017. She was selling her pots in a small, 2x1 stall. It wasn’t before long in that very same year when her first batch of pots sold out.



Since then, they have actively participated in pop stores. Pots for Plants continued to do this whenever the holiday season came by.

In the same year of 2017, Miss Kit Laserna had little          knowledge about succulent arrangements. She was merely taking photos of her products that day when she had a fateful encounter from a customer.

This woman was asking if she makes succulent arrangements. At that time, she had a tough decision to make. But before she could even think to refuse, she took the risk and told her yes. Needless to say, it became an instant hit! It was one of the defining moments of the brand as it introduced the idea of succulent dish souvenirs to the local market.


It wasn’t long until Pots for Plants® began offering their services to different businesses in 2018. Graduating from succulent arrangements to adding more foliage plants as their initial product line up started to include floor planters. This was the first time that this company released their selection of gorgeous, rustic Vietnamese earthenware planters.



The company took a big leap from dish arrangements, moving on to something more complex. Pots for Plants® began to delve into the territories of plant styling and opened its doors to business clients. Through this, she actively built partnerships and organized workshops for the personal enrichment of her client’s staff members.

From here on out, so many opportunities began to present itself to the company, with each one bringing Pots for Plants® to bigger height.  

This business started out with a small collection of succulent pots. As they began to establish their roots and spread out, they changed to different varieties of pot sizes and design. They expanded their collection to floor plants and the business continuously sought for growth.

Going Global



Once the success of Pots for Plants® became apparent in the Philippines, they wanted to bring the establishment to a global scale. On the year 2019, under partnership with Thea Joanna Petallana, Pots for Plants Australia was in the works. With the brand’s newfound success, it became the company’s vision to introduce our locally exported goods to a global scale.

On the wedding day of our founder, around February 3, 2020, Pots for Plants Australia became an officially registered business. The shop began to spread its own roots, starting with its own selection of precious ceramic pots, building a reputation for itself, one planter at a time.

Pots for Plants Store Debut

After four years of operating remotely, Pots for Plants PH is finally ready to unfurl its foliage and build its own physical store. Despite the threats of a worldwide pandemic, the company continued to thrive and after so many preparations since the beginning of the year, we are finally having our grand opening on May 8, 2021.

Now that we are finally opening our store to the public, there are plenty of things that you can expect from us. It’s our mission as a brand and as one of the primary movers of this industry to be 2 steps ahead in providing the best products and services that our clients need. Even with the situation that’s happening around us, we continued operations in a safe and orderly manner.

In the future, when you come by to visit our store, you’ll be able to find a big, white table that showcases our products to the public. Through this, we aim to do more plant workshops in the future. We’ll also be opening our venue for rent to events and the like so people can enjoy an environment surrounded by plants in a bright and minimalist space.

We are also calling out to local artisans and manufacturers who want to introduce their work to the market. Don’t be afraid to take risks, you can tap Pots for Plants® to bring your products to a global scale. We want to introduce your products to the whole world. All it takes is one leap of faith to bring your masterpiece to higher heights.


It had been a very fruitful 4 years and there’s nowhere else to go but up. We would like to take this moment to thank our followers, loyal customers and their support. Without you we wouldn’t have gotten this far. For every plant you bought, every comments you told us, every likes, shares and tags, have brought us to where we are.

Stay tuned because have more things planned in the future and we can’t wait to share it all to you. In the meantime, happy 4 years, everybody! And here’s to many more to come! 💚


Pots for Plants® is a subsidiary group of KL Marketing and Trading